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The Lindy Hoppers Review:
Alpine Village - Torrance, CA

Over All Score:
Location: Exit Torrance Blvd off of the 110 South.
Phone: 411
How Much: $0.00
Who: All Ages
When: Monday Nights
Lessons: None
Music Starts: 7:00 p.m.
Floor Quality: Medium/High
Promoters Comments: None
Who plays here? Very old bands. Go here for the bands? Never. Some of the bands that play here include Tracy Wells, Dan Walker, and The John Peace Super Big Band. The first two bands are so bad that I didn't even want to review them. However, John Peace isn't all that bad.

So you may ask: "Why the hell should I go to Alpine Village?" First of all, it's very cheap: $2.75 or free depending on if a waitress hunts you down to buy a drink or not. Second of all, the two floors are big. Mind you the back floor is kinda sticky, but the front floor is one of the best around. Un-fortunately you have to be very careful as you navigate around the older generation. But that can beat being stepped on, run in to, and hit by all the ungrateful kids on the back floor.

All in all, Alpine Village is a good place to just sit back, talk, and practice new moves. Besides, it's only a Monday night, and there is not much else to do. Maybe Birra Poretti's if you can find the dance floor, or Memories.

-Reuben: April 16th, 1998

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