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The Lindy Hoppers Review:
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

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Reviewed At: Virgin MegaStore - Costa Mesa
Albums: Yes
Great band, incredible energy. If you have the opportunity, definitely go see them. A little history: this band has been playing Southern California for some time now. Even at the little places like Twin Palms - Pasadena, when the scene wasn't big, and only a few dancers would even go. These guys have earned their success. So I say congrats, and keep the music coming.

P.S. Did anyone see BBVD on Conan O'Brian? Someone need to mail Scottie a bag of cough drops. Haa haa.

-Taryn Monroe: Sept. 30th, 1998
These guys always make me think of the "good 'ol" days. Back when there were only a couple of small clubs here and there that had swing nights. You would never believe that the band playing in Twin Palms - Pasadena was Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, as they wore very conservative 40's business suits and played softer tunes to the dinner crowd. The next night, however, down at The Blue Cafe in Long Beach, was a completely different story. They had tons of energy, a completely different look, and you could really tell why they have the word Voodoo in their name. (All of you who remember seeing them at the Blue Cafe know what I'm talking about. Right Peter?)

These days the great music still continues. They put on one of the best stage shows around. These guys have swing in their souls, and tons of live show experience. Unlike some other bands we know, they never need a sound studio to sound good.

-Reuben Brown: Sept. 30th, 1998

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