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The Lindy Hoppers Review:
Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra

Over All Score:
Reviewed At: The Hollywood Athletic Club - Hollywood
Albums: Yes
Bill Elliott is a former movie composer turned Big Band leader, and his gigs always attract a large group of good Lindy Hoppers. I've seen him play, and granted, one was Swing Camp Catalina, and he basically filled the Hollywood Athletic Club twice. His orchestra plays original tunes as well as a few old faves, although the set list doesn't seem to vary much. I've overheard people complain that he talks too much between songs as well, but I personally don't think he does, no more than anybody else plugging their recently released CDs.

The orchestra plays about half instrumentals and half vocals, with the vocals split up between Bill himself and the orchestra's vocal quarter, the Lucky Stars. Their harmonies are grand, but I think Bill tends to patter more than actually sing. His music covers a wide range of tempos, although he never zips into the stratosphere like some jump bands I won't name (but I'm sure you know who). Every set that I've heard contains an original mambo/cha-cha, so if you go to dance Lindy and know the cha-cha, you are going to kick serious butt. I'm biased, since Bill Elliott is pretty much the first Big Band I ever heard live, but I really think they capture the feel of old Big Bands quite well. I give Bill a nice big A. He's a great guy in person too.

-Julius Yang: July 26th, 1998

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