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The Lindy Hoppers Review:
Big Sandy and his Fly Rite Boys

Over All Score:
Reviewed At: Club Caprice - Redondo Beach
Albums: Yes
First off, let me just grade this band right off the bat: Unqualified A.

The Fly-Rite Boys are Big Sandy's backing band, but in no way do they stand in his (quite large) shadow. Every musician has chops to spare, and Big Sandy himself has an amazing sweet quality to his high tenor voice that makes the music come to life. He has real stage presence, and is quite willing to josh with the audience. While billed as 'country swing' or 'rock-a-billy' Big Sandy and his band often hew quite closely to plain old swing.

The songs are eminently danceable, as the dozens of Lindy Hoppers I saw at Club Caprice will attest. Most everyone seemed tricked out in western duds instead of the suspenders and frocks I have become accustomed to, though. No matter; the place swung.

-Julius Yang: August 26th, 1998

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