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Thanks goes to Peter Loggins of the Hollywood Jitterbugs for use of his Style & History Editorials.

Disclaimer: This page does not, nor ever will, represent the views of all vintage style swing dancers. This Homepage was created to represent the views of a few dancers (again, not all) in both the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Although it has been noticed that the views expressed herein are shared by the majority of other dancers in the area, this page should still not be taken as representative of the dance scene as a whole . You are welcome to explore and read the pages within this Homepage, but please be sure to always understand that they are not representative of all swing dancers in the area, nor are they meant to attack anyone (with, of course, the exception of Greg and the PBDA.) The bottom line, no matter what we may say, is this: Go out, dance, and have fun. In other words, Enjoy!

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