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The Lindy Hoppers Review:
Disneyland - Anaheim, CA

Over All Score:
Location: 1313 Harbor Blvd. Anaheim
Phone: Use this instead:
How Much: If you are considering this location get the
Premium Annual Pass: $199
Who: All Ages
When: Saturday Nights
Lessons: None
Music Starts: 8:00 p.m.
Floor Quality: Low
Promoters Comments: None
What's not to love? If the band sucks, there's always other stuff to do. I don't like it where it's been "temporarily" held (Fantasy Land Theater). Rumor has it that it will soon go back to the "re-vamped" Carnation Plaza. But it's Disneyland, we love it. If you don't have a pass, it's way too expensive to go, unless you plan to spend the day and Red is playing at night. Disneyland doesn't really cater to the dancers, they don't have to. We go for the people, the atmosphere, and it's close, and we have passes, and my son works there. It would be sacrilegious for me to give it any less than a "B"
-Pam Hernandez: Feb. 22nd, 1999
Disneyland is a okay place to go dancing, good atmosphere, general good fun. It's a great get together place to be with your friends, have little jam sessions, show off new moves, and impress people. Tired of dancing? At Disneyland you can just go off and ride a ride if you want.

There are a few drawback though. They include a concrete floor, a few grubby kids here and there, crowds of people, and mostly sucky bands.

-Reuben Brown: Feb. 22nd, 1999

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