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Welcome to the Dance Floor
It's Always Good to Keep the following Dance Floor Etiquette in Mind

Table of Contents:

General Rules
Just for Gals
Just for Guys
Jam Sessions
When you run into someone
Zoot Suiters

Who Submitted What?

Note: Because these tips come from submissions from multiple people, there are some duplicate thoughts presented.


No aerials on crowded dance floor unless you are in the jam circle. Th.

Don't attempt aerials on a packed floor. Di.

Only do aerials if you know how, or learning from someone who knows how. Ra.

Only do aerials on a un-crowed floor or during a jam. There is nothing worse, than someone getting hurt who was not involved in the aerial. Ra.

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General Rules:

If you're not dancing, don't hang around on the dance floor. Di.

Watch your elbows... Di.

Hygiene, what more can I say? Di.

Some people just shouldn't kick so high sometimes - I hate getting kicked in the UPPER leg! Th.

Basically people just need to learn to watch out for others, and when they do bump someone else, they need to make sure a huge apology is given. We are all in the cramped conditions together, so either adjust or get off the floor! Mo.

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Just For Gals:

It's never your fault, but always the guys fault. Re.

Make sure your heals are on tight. You don't want them flying during ariels now would you? Ji.

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Just For Guys:

Watch where you are swinging out your partner. Th.

It is your fault if the girl hits someone, you are responsible, as the leader, for all actions of the couple. Di.

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Jam Sessions:

Don't hog jam sessions. Other people want to dance and it is not your solo, most likely people want to see other couples not just you. Ra.

Be courteous during the jam session - meaning wait your turn and don't take over the whole session (other people want to dance too!). Th.

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If you go and find a girl to dance with, don't abandon her after the song on the floor. If you don't plan on dancing with her any more, take her back where you found her. Di.

If you don't want to dance with someone when they ask you, be polite when saying no. Di.

If you really don't want to dance with someone. A simple no thank you is all you need to say. Ra.

Be kind to all dancers, even if you don't like them. This is because it is the proper way to act. And we all should be old enough to be proper ladies and gentleman. Ra.

No brake dancing in the jam circle. Ji.

For the band: Always show appreciation for the band, after all, what would swing be without the music?!? Di.

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When You Run Into Someone:

Say you're sorry when you bump into someone - it's polite. Th.

If you knock into someone say, I am so sorry. It's the right thing to do, whether or not it is your fault. Ra.

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Zoot Suiters:

Zoot suiters need to take off their chains when dancing. Th.

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Who Submitted What?

Re. = Reuben
Mo. = Molly
Di. = Disco
Ra. = Rachel
Th. = Theresa
Ji. = Jim

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