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The Lindy Hoppers Review:
George Gee and his Jump, Jive, and Wailers

Over All Score:
Reviewed At: The Hollywood Athletic Club
Albums: Yes
George Gee is one high energy guy. He puts allot of effort into his performances and makes it really fun to just sit back and watch, or to get our there and dance.

One big problem though. His 10 piece Jump, Jive, and Wailers is spread a little thin. While the band played with great energy, it was as if they were reading an arrangement meant for George's 17 piece group. The result was a song that despite being full of energy, was just not quite all there. Solution: rewrite the arrangements a bit to make them sound better when played by the 10 piece group.

All in all though, this was a good band. I give them a B, and would pay another $8 to see them at the HAC again. (As long as it's down stairs next time!)

-Reuben Brown: March 7th, 1999
Here is a band that has built up to be one of NY's best. The leaders personality is intense and his passion shows through and makes the show exciting. The band that night, however, wasn't all there. The soloist kept making mistakes, and on the Tommy Dorsy song "Well Get It" every solo was way off mark. Bad night? Maybe.

The songs following tended to be more modern than those of the swing era. Except for a few standards that were fun to dance to. All in all don't expect to hear a band like The Eddie Reed Big Band or Bill Elliot's Swing Orchestra. I would classify them closer to Assley Williams or Speak Easy Spies. Fun, but not super stars. I gave them a C+.

-The Outlaw Jitterbug: March 5th, 1999

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