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The Lindy Hoppers Review:
Mora's Modern Rhythmists

Over All Score:
Reviewed At: The Derby - Los Feliz
Albums: Yes
Here is a band in a class of it's own. When bands like Cherry Pooping Daddy's and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy contort swing into loud rock, these guys keep it real and pure. The leader, Dean Mora, lives in a time where the players were talented and loved what they did. For the joy of it, and not "for the money." This band dresses the part and plays the part better than any band in this country, and to top it off check out Dean 's ride.......yup a Model T Ford.

Dean's band plays the hottest charts between 1927 and 1936, an era where Big Band Jazz was still premature, yet explosive with solo's backed by the great arrangers of that time.The tempos range from fast to faster, making his band great for Shag, Charleston and Balboa. Every now and then he'll stick in a breather and let his vocalist blast you with her voice from the past.

I remember when this band got the job on Monday's at The Derby back in February of 97, and for 6 months (that's right) nobody showed up! Well, now it is packed, and it's the Derby's owners favorite night!!! This band absolutely deserves an A!!!

-Peter Loggins: August 3rd, 1998

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