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The Lindy Hoppers Photo Album
Camp Hollywood 1998 - Hollywood, CA

campholly1.jpg (25365 bytes)
Eric Robinson & Hilary Alexander announcing something

campholly2.jpg (20074 bytes)
Adam Velez picking up a drunk-as-usual Trina Sisson (j/k)

campholly3.jpg (20443 bytes)
Mark McCury and Marissa Hernandez

campholly4.jpg (24175 bytes)
Marissa & Rusty Olsen

campholly5.jpg (26546 bytes)
Peter Loggins and Sylvia Skylar announcing something I guess

campholly7.jpg (14207 bytes)
Reverend Ev
campholly6.jpg (15214 bytes)
an & Shannon

campholly9.jpg (17796 bytes)
Erik Robinson and Sylvia Skylar teaching one of many classes

campholly8.jpg (19338 bytes)
Reverend Evan and Marissa Hernandez Chillin' on Da Couch

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