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The Lindy Hoppers Photo Album
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Music City - Fountain Valley, CA

musiccity2.jpg (13930 bytes)
Justin & Jennifer

musiccity3.jpg (15179 bytes)
Justin & Jennifer

Crown City Contest

crowncity00.jpg (13142 bytes)
Your favorite Contest Announcer, Reverend Evan
(look how jealous Charlie Tuna is)

crowncity1.jpg (8766 bytes)
Josh Collazo & Theresa Salazar

crowncity3.jpg (8329 bytes)
Trina Sisson and fellow criminal Mark McCory

crowncity4.jpg (10924 bytes)
Richie & Debbie

crowncity5.jpg (10145 bytes)
Russ Olsen & Hilary Alexander

crowncity6.jpg (10626 bytes)
Russ Olsen say: "One must dress to impress to win contest."

crowncity7.jpg (9624 bytes)
Josh Collazo & Theresa Salazar

crowncity2.jpg (9656 bytes)
...and the winner is...

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