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The Lindy Hoppers Review:
Speak Easy Spies

Over All Score:
Reviewed At: Monsters of Swing: '99
Albums: None
Now here is another band for you to put on your "Don't Bother To See Unless I'm Desperate" list. What a terrible act they are!

For example, at Monsters, they started their set off with an annoyingly loud, hard, and deep drum beat. Then out pops some scary lady in black foofy clothes mumbling something about "we're the Speak Easy Spies." I only know that because those were the only words I could make out.

Their book seemed very small, and very UN-diverse. Every song sounded the same: BAD. Then to top all of that off, they also played some "song" that was basically a hard rock jam (image Metallica doing the equivalent of a jazz jam session.) A wild drummer pushing a hard beat that could barely considered swing, and a little guy jamming on his electric guitar. It was also long as hell, undanceable, and just one big waste of time. I even think someone had to go back stage to tell the singer to get on with the song just it get it ended.

All in all, having to suffer though this band at the end of an otherwise wonderful evening was just plain disappointing. In other words, I would strongly suggest never paying a cover to go see this band. I'm just glad the rest of the evening was so jam packed with other fun stuff, like gorillas dancing with vintage strippers.

-Reuben Brown: April 7th, 1999

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