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The Lindy Hoppers Review:

Over All Score:
Reviewed At: The Rhino Room - Huntington Beach
Albums: Yes
These guys have totally changed their line up from a year ago. For the better? Um, no. They still don't know how to play swing if that's the question. Mind boggling tempos, which I don't mind every now and then, but that was most the set. Mixed in was a few ballads, which where way to slow! I'm talking about 120 bpm and then 280 bpm!

So, for a swing band they suck really, really bad. But, as a circus, they would score high! By the outfits they wear they are definitely from back east. The lead man try's to look like Brian Setzer with those tight leopard pants and dinner jacket lined in the same way as the band? Huh, lets not even go there. I wouldn't even waste my time seeing them for free, therefore they get a big fat F.

-The Outlaw Jitterbug: October 22nd, 1998

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