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Swivel Magazine Preview
Your Sneak Peek At The Next Issue Of Swivel!

"The Publisher Is Out"
by Reuben Brown

Our beloved Swivel publisher is out on vacation. So, just for a little while, there be no preview to preview. Come back soon, as we will have a great article (as soon as I can get my hands on it) from the upcoming July/August 1999 issue!

Next Issue: July/August 1999
Preview articles courtesy of Tammy Francis, Publisher, Swivel: Vintage Living Magazine

I Want More Damn It!

Look for the next issue of Swivel: Vintage Living Magazine to appear at your favorite local Swing club.

Or, you may e-mail the publisher at

For a one year subscription (six issues) to Swivel, send $18.00 to:

Swivel: Vintage Living Magazine
2695 Broadway
San Diego, CA 92102

And, you can now visit Swivel Magazine online at:!

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