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The Lindy Hoppers Review:
The Bill Tole Orchestra

Over All Score:
Reviewed At: Disneyland - Anaheim
Albums: None
You will most likely never run into this band at any club, only at Disneyland. Bill Tole's Orchestra is a full 15 or so piece Big Band, so they have that nice large sound. But, these guys are getting up in years, and they just can't carry a clean, clear tune the way I'm sure they used to. Another thing, Bill Tole has this thing about Tommy Dorsy. It seems like every other song he plays is a Tommy Dorsy tune. So what's the verdict? Go see this band if you have nothing better to do. It won't be a complete washout of a night, but pretty damn close.
-Reuben Brown: July 29th, 1998

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