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The Lindy Hoppers Review:
The Mighty Blue Kings

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This Chicago based jump band really has a lot of talent, except for one thing: The Singer is a big headed piece of shit! Yup, it's to bad too. The first couple times I saw these guys I really like the players and I would just ignore the singer's big flapping McJagger lips. You can tell they are from the Chicago with there little Diamond earrings. They also love those 50's suits and hand painted ties that they paid way too much for.

So if you want to hear the shittiest version of "Buzz Buzz Buzz" and can fit in the club with the singer's big head, go ahead. However, many club owners have told me that these guys don't like being called a dance band, and they don't like dancers. So give them the bird, throw away there CD, and tell the idiots to GO HOME!!!

-The Outlaw Jitterbug: June 26th, 1998

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