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Material From The Old Anti-Greg Page:

Does Greg Know What He Is Doing?

Greg has been clearly informed of why people dislike him and give him the cold shoulder. At that time he then incessantly begged for forgiveness, stating he was sorry for all the things he had been doing. He then said that he was unaware that his so called "jokes" where being taken literately. I'm sorry, but the kind of things he did and said could never be considered a joke. He knew what he was saying, and he knew what he was doing. He thought that he was all that, and thought that he didn't need anybody. Well, things turned very quickly for him.

Now you might be asking your self, "Why did he get nice for a little while there?" Well, in typical Greg style, he needed something again. You see he was involved in the start-up of a new swing club, and of course he wanted everybody to go. However, now that he had been an ass to everyone, nobody wanted to go. This is a shame to because the others involved in this new club were nice people. How do we know that he is was only being nice to get something? Well for one, while he was being told that he has made a lot of people mad, he asked "Even influential people?" That right there tells you all he cares about is gaining connections with the right people. But all the right poeple now hate him because of the kind of person he is, and thus, as most everyone knows, the club didn't last very long.

Greg Story Submissions:

1. "I must compliment you on the "Anti-Greg Page." When my eyes beheld it, tears gushed forth. It is the single most beautiful page in the world. For a while we've been Anti-Greg (or Pachuco as his near sighted cronies call him). I thought he was a nice guy for a while, until he was an ASS to me.

We'd reserved the corner booth at Capones. Greg and his gaggle had taken up the space right next to us. Well as he sat schmoozing with some of his pack, he made a comment in my direction. I sat waiting for others to arrive and he says, "SOMEONE, took our good spot," and then he tossed a harsh glance in my direction. He said it with the conviction that I had sinned against him by having the foresight to call for a reservation. Perhaps if he had asked to share instead of being an ASS, I might not dislike him so.

Ever since then I've named him the Numero Uno Swing Gimp. The "Anti-Greg Page" is a perfect homage to the Swing Gimp. I thank you for your contribution to the downfall of the Swing Gimp, Swing's most hated villain. Now that I'm done with the mandatory Swing Gimp denouncing, I bid you farewell. I wanted to tell ya that you've done a wonderful job with this sight. I look forward to the pictures and hope that you keep up with what you've started. It kicks ass."

2. "Why can't we all just be friends and dance with each other? Oh I forgot. It's because even though I see Greg regularly and say Hi, he never asks me!!!! Or anyone else. (He is just too good you see.) One more thing girls - don't ask him or else he will tell everyone that you have the hot's for him."

3. "Okay I'm not the best dancer in the world, but I love learning and I love the music, the atmosphere etc. This happened a while back in the winter. A friend and I were freezing our buns off at Disneyland so a nice gentelman offered his arm. As we walked over the bridge by Carnation Plaza we were spotted by the cocky, cigarette smoking dufus, aka Greg. He stated, and I quote, 'Look at you with two dolls on you. What do you think you're doing, everyone knows that I'm the pimp around here.' Okay whatever, we laughed and walked away. . . Some people need, just need to see how lame they are."

4. From our very own Theresa: This happened this past weekend (July 11th to be exact) at Disneyland. Taryn wanted to sit down but there was a jacket in the way, so she just folded it once so there would be room. I look at it then told her that it was Greg's jacket. Taryn looked at me kinda funky and said that the jacket was a women's jacket. So I thought maybe Greg was holding it for someone, but as me and Josh got on the tram, Greg sat behind us; wearing that same jacket! I think he's finally getting in touch with his feminine side.

News Update: May 20th, 1998

Just to let everyone know, it has been reported that Greg has recently been jeopardizing swing night at a certain popular Monday Night spot.

Everyone knows that Greg is just a kid, 17 years old (Update: He's 18 now folks, please take advantage of that age if you know what I mean). And, everyone knows that a restaurant, club or bar can lose their liquor license if they serve alcohol to an underage individual. Even if the restaurant, club or bar did not serve the underage individual, their license can be pulled if said underage individual is caught drinking while there. When guess what? Greg, being the genius that he is, has been seen drinking at the above mentioned Monday Night spot.

And, if he is doing this there, he must obviously be doing it elsewhere. This in turn jeopardizes any given locations ability to sell alcohol. If a restaurant, club or bar losses this ability, they would no longer have the ability to bring in swing bands to dance to. They also have a hard time bringing in customers in general.

You might say this can't happen, but it has and is actually very common. I have seen it happen. So next time you see Greg sippin' on a Blue Martini give him a strong word or two on how he is jeopardizing swing dancing at that location! He will probably try to apologize like crazy, but don't believe him.

-Note: We left the name of the Monday Night spot out to protect them from Greg's stupidity.

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