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The Lindy Hoppers Review:
Pete Jacob's and his War-Time Radio Revue

Over All Score:
Reviewed At: Disneyland - Anaheim
Albums: Yes
They were okay, I guess. Go see them if you have nothing else to do. Just know that you will be in the company of PBDA wherever this band my be, as they seem to follow this band (or the other way around). So, what can I say, they are a last resort when you really want to go out.
-Taryn Monroe: Sept. 30th, 1998
These guys are all right, I guess. In other words I would go see them only if no other better bands were playing in the area. They play your basic tunes, and have your basic stage presence. What's with all the Army uniforms though, sorry that is a bit much. Especially when the terrible, terrible singer comes out looking completely out of place. Don't spend more then five bucks to go see these guys (unless it's for a good cause or something.)
-Reuben Brown: Sept, 14th, 1998

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